Saturday, 7 February 2015

February Update

The end of last year and the start of this year has been very wet. My original 1/2 plot is fairly waterlogged as the soil has a lot of clay.
I didn’t have any brassicas in last year as the 1/2 plot didn’t have enough room.  So the main bed is pretty empty apart from some garlic I put in. It’s pretty waterlogged at the bottom though. Hopefully the garlic won’t just rot.
I’ve had the new plot mostly covered with plastic to inhibit the weeds, but I’ve started digging it over during the past couple of weeks, it’s been pretty heavy going.
I’ve got my seed potatoes chitting, 3 varieties:
  • Rocket – 1st Earlies
  • Desiree – Main Crop
  • Albert Bartlett – Main Crop.
Looking forward to a good year, hoping the weather starts brightening up soon.