Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Green things growing

And not just weeds. The French Beans I sewed last week, have already popped their heads out.

Allotment 004Allotment 002 

Allotment 001Also, a few strawberries have come through, I’m pretty sure there have been more, but it looks like some pest is getting them, despite the net. Also the first of the raspberries have appeared and are ripening nicely.

I’ve been along every morning to water and all is looking good. I sewed some more carrots yesterday. Hopefully these will germinate.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Back at it!

After a month or so of short and sporadic visits, resulting in the loss of runner beans, carrots and leeks, I’m back at it.

I made it down on Sunday to scythe the weeds and cut the grass,  and I’ve been down 3 times this week before work.

With the beautiful weather it’s been wonderful. Planted some more runner beans, courgettes and cucumbers, sewed some French beans, weeded onions and strawberries.