Tuesday, 23 February 2010

No Improvement in the weather

Still cold and wet, with snow showers occasionally.

Had another trip to the allotment with Heather and Mary. I tried to do a bit of digging, but it was too wet really. Contented myself with some weeding of the raspberry bushes.

I also finally got around to measuring the plot, 20ft by 94ft. I used GrowVeg.com, who have a rather excellent planning tool. I plotted out my plot as accurately as I could. Then chose my which veg was going where, based on crop rotation from last year. The GrowVeg planner should help with this for next year as I think it helps with the crop rotation planning.

It also provides a planting/harvesting calendar based on your plants. I need to go through this and work out a monthly task list.

GrowVeg is £15 a year, I’m going to look at it a bit more, before I commit, but I think it might be worth it.

I’ve got my seed potatoes in egg boxes in the porch chitting away. Hopefully, weather permitting, be ready to plant the earlies in a couple of weeks.

Let’s hope for some drier weather.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Cold & Wet.

Another cold, wet weekend with snow on Saturday, luckily it didn’t lie.

Went to the allotment on Sunday with Heather and Mary, who were excellent little helpers.

I finally pruned the raspberries, hopefully not too late. I’ve also realised that I had planted them in a different order than I thought.

I have Malling Minerva, an early variety. Glen Ample, a summer variety and Joan J an autumn cropper.  Anyway, they are now all pruned. I need to weed them, then mulch them down with some manure or compost.

I also got a wheelbarrow of woodchips for the strawberry bed to cover the black sheeting. I’ll probably need to get another couple next time I’m over.

I started to dig over one of the beds, before rain called a halt. While doing that I dug up 4 parsnips that I had missed before. Two average sized ones, and a couple of monsters, the largest being 625g (1.3lb).

mobile 002

To do:

  1. More woodchips
  2. More manure
  3. More black sheeting
  4. Chit potatoes
  5. Fix greenhouse window
  6. Clean out Greenhouse

Monday, 8 February 2010

Hiding Out


Whilst over at the allotment yesterday, the rain came on pretty hard, and Beth and I hid out in the shed and had a cup of tea. Best cup of tea of the day. (oh, the biscut tin has the remnants of last years seeds, no biscuts I’m afraid).

A wet visit

I headed over yesterday, with Beth my 7 year old. It was cold and wet, but I dug over one of the beds, and turned over one of the compost heaps.

Bed 1

Last year had Jerusalem Artichokes, sweetcorn, courgettes and cucumbers.

Grass has encroached over it, needs dug over and weeded. Still has some Jerusalem artichoke.

Bed 1

Bed 2

Last year, Brassicas including Brussell Sprouts. cleared out and dug over.

Bed 2

Bed 3

Last year, potatoes, courgettes and cucumbers. Currently covered with manure.

Bed 3

Bed 4

Last year, Cabbages and cauliflowers.

Bed 4

Bed 5

Last year, lettuces & parsnips. Currently covered over.

Bed 5

Bed 6

Last year, Runner Beans. Little Gem lettuces in the wooden bed.

Bed 6

Bed 7

Last year - Weeds

Bed 7

I’m currently working on a proper crop rotation plan for next year.

This year’s seeds

  • Beetroot – Boltardy
  • Broad Bean – Bunyards Exhibition
  • Brussels Sprout – Clodius
  • Cabbage – Hispi F1
  • Calabrese – Samson
  • Carrot – Flyaway F1
  • Cauliflower - All The Year Round
  • Chard
  • Climbing Bean – Blue Lake
  • Courgette – Astia F1
  • Florence Fennel – Chiarino
  • Garlic – White
  • Gherkin – Bimbostar
  • Leek - Musselburgh
  • Onion – Stuttgarter
  • Parsnip – Archer
  • Pea – Kelvedon Wonder
  • Pea – Mangetout  Delikata
  • Potatoes - Arran Pilot (First Early)
  • Potatoes - Desiree (Maincrop)
  • Radish – French Breakfast
  • Radish – Zlata
  • Runner Bean – Scarlet Emperor
  • Salad Leaves Baby Leaf Seed Mix
  • Spinach – Hector F1
  • Spring Onion – White Lisbon

Thursday, 4 February 2010

An unexpected visit

I unexpectedly found time for a flying visit on Saturday. The sun was shining, but it was seriously cold. This is a shot of the ice on the water trough.


I didn’t have time to do much.

  • pinned down sheeting on strawberry bed that had come loose.
  • covered up another bed with sheeting.
  • weeded round raspberries.
  • dug up some artichoke.

I have a little little shopping list:

  • More black sheeting
  • More strawberry plants?
  • Manure
  • seeds & potatoes

I also need to take over more empty plastic milk bottles as weights for the sheeting. And most importantly a tea cup.

I need to get lots of wood chip for the paths and to cover the strawberry bed.

We’ve got little planned for the upcoming weekend, so hopefully I’ll manage a longer visit.