Thursday, 24 July 2008


I've now got to decide what to put in for the rest of the summer and for winter.

More lettuce, radishes and beetroot for the summer. Not so sure about the winter though.


Been beavering away as often as work and family allow.

Strawberries - a bit disappointed with the crop this year. A few fellow allotmenteers have said the same, I don't know if it's a local weather problem.

Runner beans- not been great, but got off to a bad start thanks to a rabbit killing half the plants. A fence has helped and there are now a few pods coming, but nowhere near as abundant as last year.

Broad beans - not a great crop, but not too bad. Also learned something. I dug a couple up out of a bed as they weren't looking to good, and noticed that the roots were covered in nodules. Fearing some disease, I googled and found that they are used by the plants to gather nitrogen which is a good thing.

Courgettes - 2 plants killed by slugs, the other 3 producing well.

Cauliflower - good, but don't know if I'll grow again next year due to the amount of space required for such few plants.

Brocolli - see cauliflower.

Potatoes - still waiting. I've put a main crop in, all my neighbours have had early crops. hoping for the best.

Onions - they've been good. Collected around 50 I think.