Friday, 30 May 2008

Catch up

It's only the blog that's been temporarily abandoned not the allotment. In lieu of the blog, I've been keeping a short diary of my allotment visits . Here's the last week or so:


28/5. evening visit. heavy rain  since weekend. something (rabbits?) has been eating the tips of my runner beans. put a temporary chicken wire fence around them. applied slug pellets around brassicas.
afternoon visit. covered bed 6 with compost, bought as mine isn't quite ready. planted out more mystery plants and sewed carrots,cabbage etc. build a frame of mdpe pipe and netting.
23/5 morning visit. finished digging bed 6. started digging bed 7.
22/5 evening visit. planted more runner beans, cauliflower,  and some mystery plants
22/5 morning visit. dug over and weeded bed 6
21/5 evening visit. weeded strawberries. used mdpe blue water pipe to build frame and net strawberries.
21/5 morning visit. weeded raspberries. weeded brassicas
20/5 evening visit. cut grass on paths. weeded raspberries. covered compost heap.
19/5 went along in the evening . weeded the onion bed.


Bed 7 isn't progressing well, every time I have it half dug, we get a downpour and it regresses to a puddle. Which is leaving me without anywhere to put the last of my potatoes. I think I'm going to have to give up on them this year.


Here are a few photos:

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Mobile 009 Mobile 010 Mobile 011 Mobile 012

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