Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Early September

I've only managed to get down for a few hours each of the last two weekends. I've done some badly needed weeding, finished off clearing bed 3, continued chopping down brambles and started digging them out at the top of the plot.

I've picked a few courgettes and some more runner beans. The rocket is coming on and so are the beetroot, no sign of much else though. Going to make a big effort to get down on Saturday, but I've got family visiting.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Weekend work

I managed to get about 5 hours at the allotment on Saturday, and managed to clear bed 3 of carpet and brambles. I gave it a quick dig to break it up a bit. I'll give it a proper dig next week.

I also cleared more brambles from the top of the allotment using the scythe which makes things a lot easier.

Although I've found several interesting things buried in them so far, a large bit of corrugated iron being one, a dead tree being another.

Also picked the last large marrow, and two courgettes, a large handful of french beans, and half a bucket of runner beans (not many left now), and some potatoes (which tasted lovely).

The rocket we sewed a couple of weeks ago has poked through, though no sign of the cabbages yet.

I also got back on Sunday to set up another compost heap.

So plans for next week: dig bed 3, clear bed 4, cut more brambles.

Also, need to do some weeding, I've been concentraing on the digging, but do need to make sure that the weeds aren't taking over the existing beds.